Candidate Destroys $250Mil Worth of Firearms

Dicks Sporting Goods CEO, Ed Stack, just obliterated millions worth of firearms and may be a 3rd party candidate in 2020.

When is the last time you strolled into a Dicks Sporting Goods? Maybe your child needed soccer cleats or a baseball bat, maybe you needed new running shoes, or maybe you needed some hunting gear. If you’ve been shopping at Dicks for years, as many of us have, you may have noticed a stark decline in the hunting section, particularly in the firearm space. 

Following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, Dicks halted sales of AR-15’s. Since then, Dicks CEO Ed Stack has not only stopped selling, but DESTROYED over $250 million dollars in firearms and potential sales. Why? Politics.

Gun control and firearm sales are no doubt one of the biggest topics in the upcoming Presidential election in 2020. Lo and behold, Ed Stack may be throwing his name into the hat as a third party candidate. 

As a third party candidate, he has to try to appeal to both ends of the spectrum despite being a longtime Republican Donor, so it is clear he is trying to appeal to the left and liberal demographic who are also primarily the anti-gun demographic. 

Now, whether he is officially going to run is unconfirmed, but what would this great nation come to if this man was elected President of the United States? Is he merely a billionaire on a power trip trying to make a statement, or does he want to destroy all the firearms in the US, including the ones in your own safe? 

The upcoming 2020 election is going to be monumental for the country. Gun control is more polarizing than ever before and the liberal left want to take, buy, or destroy law abiding citizens firearms, imminently taking away their second amendment rights.

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