Dems Want Us to Give Up Rights

What is the pricetag on your Constitutional rights

This is what our great nation has come to: persuading Americans to give up their rights with cash incentives?

The upcoming election is being fueled by the topic of gun control, and federal gun buybacks are a topic widely accepted by democratic candidates. In other words, Hell Yes we’re going to take your AR-15″,as Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke infamously announced at the September debate, which was met with an uproar from the American public. 

So what exactly happens with federal buybacks? What is it?

Basically, you forfeit your firearms, giving up your second amendment right to bear arms, and in exchange the government will give you cash.

American citizens deserve to preserve their Constitutional rights, without the government trying to pull the wool over their eyes. This is just a tactic by the Liberal left to implement gun control without saying it. 

They are trying to treat the public like children. We all remember our parents persuading us to be good with incentives like candy or toys, but this is not child’s play, this isĀ  tampering with the Constitution.

While many might see this as a deal to get their hands on some extra cash, most Americans will be able to see right through this corrupt tactic.  

You cannot put a price on the rights of the American citizen– and even if it follows through, who’s to say it will decrease gun violence as they claim?

Mexico has some of the most strict gun laws out there, yet their murder rate has skyrocketed! It is the job of law abiding Americans like yourself to stand up for what you believe in and hold your ground. 

Cash incentives are nice, but is it worth your freedom?

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