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EXPOSED: Gun Grabbing Scheme Revealed…

The Scheme

“To Conquer a Nation, You Must First Disarm its Citizens.”

Can you guess who spoke those infamous words? No, it wasn’t Hillary Clinton, it was Adolf Hitler. 

You know who that is right? Leader of the Nazi party, World War II, responsible for the death of millions of innocent Jews including women and children? Ring a bell?

To CONQUER a nation, you must first DISARM its citizens. 

Brief politics lesson: Republicans want less government involvement, more run by the people. Democrats want the opposite, more government to oversee everything and be highly involved in the decision making regarding the well being of the nation. 

Now, which one of those sounds like it would be more likely to “conquer” (or try to) the United States of America?

Democrats have been pushing for more and more gun control and even want to invoke MANDATORY GUN BUYBACKS. In simple terms: disarming the citizens of the United States. 

Look at what happened to Europe– disarming its citizens resulted in the greatest slaughter of innocent blood, boys as young as 16 heading off to war, and the nastiest war the world has seen. 

The Second Amendment was written for a reason: to make sure that the people remain in control of their safety and well being over a tyrannical government.

The Loophole

In light of this revelation, Americans are taking advantage of a completely legal loophole in obtaining their concealed carry permit, and taking the matter of their safety into their own hands. This is what the foundation of this nation is based on—Americans preserve the right to protect themselves and their families, especially when the government won’t.

The aforementioned loophole is sweeping the nation as Americans scurry to get their hands on their CCW permit. This loophole expedites the process, allowing individuals to qualify ONLINE and undergo training through an online portal to then obtain their certification.  

With the 2020 election around the corner, the liberal left is looking to not only abolish this legal loophole, but abolish guns in general, leaving you defenseless to protect yourself and your home from criminals and intruders let alone active shooters and other unbearably horrific situations that are becoming the norm of this nation.

You’re probably wondering why you haven’t heard of this online legal loophole. Well, that is because officials are working hard to keep it a secret and make it seem like it is not legit, but it is! 

The permit you obtain is for the state of Virginia, but thanks to concealed carry reciprocity, it is valid in over 70% of the United States. Not only that, but it is readily available for all Americans, regardless where you reside.

We spoke to a man named Tom who had an armed intruder break into his house while his children were asleep, whom he had to fight off with his bare hands while his wife Theresa called the police. Those 11 minutes in which it took for law enforcement could have meant life and death not only for Tom, but for his whole family.

“I think back to that night and have terrifying flashbacks regularly.” he sighed. “I thank God I had knocked his pistol out of his hand and threw it under the couch. But I think of what would have happened otherwise. What would he have done to my wife? My kids? Would I even be alive? The next morning I sought out obtaining my concealed carry permit and found a way to speed up the process by qualifying online. Now I can sleep soundly at night knowing I can protect my family from threats that not only come through my door, but at my kids schools, at their soccer games, and anywhere we travel as a family. The best decision I ever made was taking my safety and the safety of my family into my own hands and stop waiting for the government.” 

Take Action

Don’t find yourself in a situation like Tom, terrified that you cannot protect what matters most. 

Thanks to resources like Country Wide Concealed, you can getstarted completely online, and qualify for your concealed carry certification right away. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


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