Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Gun Ownership Necessary for Self Defense?

The shocking numbers and the truth about gun ownership.

The cultural and political landscape we live in has guns and gun control at its focal point in recent years with polarizing views, protests, and everything in between. The argument has long been, “well more guns cause more violence and cause mass shootings”. Well, according to findings from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, gun owners are actually a important cog in the machine of keeping American citizens safe from harm.

It turns out that gun owners have found themselves in situations where they have needed their firearm to defend themselves between 500 thousand and 3 million times every single year, and that number is only projected to increase over time.

Countless stories are coming out of the woodwork of individuals saving their own lives or the lives of others with the use of even drawing their firearm. One of these stories includes a young woman out of Florida who shot and paralyzed an intruder who came into her home and tried to bludgeon her and her mother to death. Turns out the individual was her former step father. In his vehicle they found tarps, duct tape, rope, and many other tools along with a detailed account of how he was going to kill his ex-wife and her daughter.

This young woman not only saved her own life and the life of her mother, but anyone else who could have been a victim to this man’s hate-fueled attack plans. Who knows how many other victims he has plans for! The fact that this woman knew where the firearm was in her home saved her.


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