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Law Enforcement Openly Oppose Presidential Candidate

What is the role of the police? To protect and serve. 

Democratic Candidate Beto O’Rourke has been receiving praise from the left, and criticism from the right, for his position on the issue of gun control. His mandatory gun buyback policy calls for a gun reform in which the government seizes American’s firearms in exchange for cash. 

The police and gun control are extremely polarizing topics in the political landscape, but how do the police feel about this? 

Joe Gamaldi, the Fraternal Order of Police National Vice President spoke out on the matter on Fox and Friends last week. 

“At a time when everyone is asking us to bridge the gap with the community, his brilliant idea to connect with our citizens is to go door to door and seize their property? It’s completely ridiculous.”

The police are already hated by a large majority of the nation for the actions of a few corrupt cops. How much worse would this stigma become if the police were ordered to go in and seize law abiding citizens property? 

Individuals who have acquired a firearm legally, should be able to refuse a mandatory buyback, according to their constitutional rights. 

You cannot have this kind of gun reform without changing the Constitution, the very foundation of this great nation. 

Gamaldi went on to say, “It puts our officers in a very dangerous situation where we’re showing up to someone’s house, we’re armed, these people are — obviously citizens — are armed. And now you expect us to seize their guns? Give me a break!”

Officers already put their lives on the line everyday for the public, now Beto O’Rourke wants to willingly put them in a position where there safety is compromised for the gain of a leftist agenda?

The country is divided politically and socially as is, why make it worse by changing the very framework of our Constitutional rights?


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