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Supreme Court Allows Sandy Hook Victims to Sue Remington Arms

We all remember that fateful day in 2012, when we crowded around our televisions and mourned the slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. 

Twenty year old Adam Lanza, took his mother’s legally owned AR-15 style Bushmaster, made by Remington Arms, and killed his mother in their home. He then proceeded to Sandy Hook Elementary School where he open fired on a 1st grade class, killing 20 children and 6 educators.

As police arrived on scene, he took his own life as his final act. 

The photos of the families faces are haunting and gut-wrenching. Without a doubt, this was a tragedy; and the 2nd worst mass shooting in US history. 

Understandably, the families want justice, but with the shooter and his immediate family dead, who is to blame?

One survivor, and families of nine of the victims are demanding that Remington Arms, the manufacturer of the firearm used, should be held responsible. 

A trial court judge initially ruled that Remington Arms could not be held accountable due to the 2005 federal law, the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

Although that is about to change. 

The issue has gone to the Supreme Court, who has ruled in favor of the victims and families in exemption of the federal law. This means that the families and the victim are now permitted to move forward in legal action against Remington Arms, claiming that their marketing tactics were targeting young, at-risk males like Adam Lanza.

The firearm company was founded in 1816 in Madison, North Carolina, and is America’s oldest gun maker. 

While it is still unclear what the motives of Adam Lanza were; if the act was brought on by marketing tactics, video games, depression, OCD or something completely unrelated, is there enough evidence to convict Remington Arms of harmful marketing tactics to then hold them responsible for the acts of one individual? 

Does this open the door for gun reform? Will the upcoming election change the Second Amendment as we know it? 

Time will tell…. 

There is no doubt that guns in the wrong hands, or uneducated hands can be catastrophic.


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