Top 4 Concealed Carry Handguns from SIG Sauer

If you choose a concealed carry handgun from SIG Sauer, you are likely making a wise choice. All of their forearms are reliable and consistent, but these are four of the best options for concealed carry permit owners.


Built to be accurate and concealable, the P238 is an all-metal firearm that was inspired by the 1911-style handguns. It is made to carry the .380 Auto cartridge, and can be purchased in a Micro-Compact option, giving you greater concealment. If you choose the Micro-Compact option, you’ll have a powerful and accurate firearm measuring only 5.5 inches in length. 


This firearm was made with the P238 as its base, but it is available for .22 Long Rifle or 9mm Luger cartridges. It is also lightweight, although it’s also made from entirely metal materials. It remains an easy-to-conceal option for anyone that wants the reliability of SIG Sauer. 


The P365 allows you to carry 11 total rounds (10+1) of 9mm ammo for your personal protection. The firearm can withstand for +P ammo if you want added velocity and terminal performance from your self-defense weapon. 


The P320 is trusted by military forces as well as elite competition shooters, and with a clean trigger pull and and consistent cycling, it can be a reliable weapon for your concealed-carry purposes. Available for the 9mm, .375 SIG, .40 S&W, and .45 Auto, as well as four sizes ranging from full to sub-compact, the P320 is a reliable and versatile weapon. 

If you choose one of these weapons for your concealed-carry, you’ll have a reliable handgun that is easy to conceal and effective when called upon.

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